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People Playground

People Playground

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By statistics max sale on People Playground in Steam every 6 months.


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9.99 $ new price. Free


4.99 $ new price. 9.99 $ Economy — 5 $


9.99 $ new price. 4.99 $


4.99 $ new price. 9.99 $ Economy — 5 $


9.99 $ new price. 4.99 $


1.99 $ new price. 9.99 $ Economy — 8 $


9.99 $ new price. 1.99 $


7.49 $ new price. 9.99 $ Economy — 2.5 $


9.99 $ new price. 7.49 $


2.99 $ new price. 9.99 $ Economy — 7 $


9.99 $ new price. 2.99 $


4.99 $ new price. 9.99 $ Economy — 5 $

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Официальное описание

Now price on People Playground — According to statistics, the maximum discount on People Playground in Steam делается каждые 6 months.

Shoot, stab, burn, poison, tear, vaporise, or crush ragdolls. This game is for people who enjoy throwing around ragdolls but want it to be more detailed, satisfying, and feel more free while doing so.There's more than enough space to play around in.And there's more than enough to play with.Every object has a set of properties that describe how it interacts with anything in the worldSome stuff is sharpYou can stab people (and other soft objects) with sharp objects such as swords or spears.Some stuff conductsMany things conduct electricty, some do it better than others. Humans are very good at it too. When certain items are charged, they become a lot more powerful.Some stuff burnsWood, rubber, plastic, and humans burn very well. Set them on fire and stare while it slowly turns black.Some stuff shootsThe game contains a varied collection of projectile based weapons for you to play with.Some stuff explodesThere's different explosives that vary in destructive power as well as the manner in which they release their energy.Build stuffYou can build contraptions, usually death machines, to play around with.


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Reviews about People Playground

  1. User VladdraZ
    VladdraZ, 11/22/2022.

    После трудного дня в уневре можно раслабиться и представить что вместо тех пиплов твоя училка 

  2. User So socks
    So socks, 06/02/2022.

    Следующая скидка 27-го июля? Или августа

    1. User Sheckler
      Sheckler, 06/03/2022.
       Applook team
      Предположительно - июль
      1. User sock
        sock, 06/03/2022.
        Думаю 25-ое июля если думать логически
      2. User Просто
        Просто, 06/22/2022.
        Скажите пожалуйста сколько он по скидке будет стоить
      3. User Sheckler
        Sheckler, 06/22/2022.
         Applook team
        Скорее всего в районе 129 руб

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