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Sea of Thieves

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By statistics max sale on Sea of Thieves in Steam every 2 months.


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Экшены, Приключенческие игры

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39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $


19.99 $ new price. 39.99 $ Economy — 20 $


39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $


19.99 $ new price. 39.99 $ Economy — 20 $


39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $


19.99 $ new price. 39.99 $ Economy — 20 $


39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $


19.99 $ new price. 39.99 $ Economy — 20 $


39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $


19.99 $ new price. 39.99 $ Economy — 20 $


39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $


19.99 $ new price. 39.99 $ Economy — 20 $


39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $


19.99 $ new price. 39.99 $ Economy — 20 $


39.99 $ new price. 19.99 $

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Now price on Sea of Thieves — According to statistics, the maximum discount on Sea of Thieves in Steam делается каждые 2 months.. The next maximum discount is to be expected approximately after 2 мес..

About the Game

Sea of Thieves offers the essential pirate experience, from sailing and fighting to exploring and looting – everything you need to live the pirate life and become a legend in your own right. With no set roles, you have complete freedom to approach the world, and other players, however you choose.

Whether you’re voyaging as a group or sailing solo, you’re bound to encounter other crews in this shared world adventure – but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

A Vast Open World

Explore a vast open world filled with unspoiled islands, sunken ships and mysterious artefacts. Take on quests to hunt for lost treasure, seek out cursed Skeleton Captains or gather valuable cargo for the Trading Companies. Go hunting and fishing or choose from hundreds of optional goals and side-quests.

Unforgettable stories

Play through the Tall Tales to experience Sea of Thieves’ unique take on a story-driven campaign. With 11 tales to play through across two epic storylines, these immersive and cinematic quests provide around 30 hours of the ultimate pirate fantasy.

Become Legend

On your journey to become a Pirate Legend you’ll amass loot, build a reputation and define a unique personal style with your hard-earned rewards. Adventurer. Explorer. Conqueror. What will your legend be?

A Game That’s Always Growing

With five major expansions and almost a year’s worth of monthly updates, Sea of Thieves is a service-based game that is continually growing and evolving. Check back each month to see what new content has been added.


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Reviews about Sea of Thieves

  1. User kirilll
    kirilll, 05/02/2022.

    А на распродажу "Открытый мир" будет скидка на sea of thieves?

  2. User Closed
    Closed, 02/15/2022.

    Если играть в компании друзей, это афигенная игра

  3. User ZBSquad
    ZBSquad, 10/19/2021.

    Если играть с друзьями, то SoT стоит потраченных денег даже без скидки (учитывая, что раньше она стоила огромных денег в Microsoft Store)

    1. User Александр Михайлов_2
      Александр Михайлов_2, 12/06/2021.
      С рандомами в пати тоже весело играть))
  4. User Руслан Гимаев
    Руслан Гимаев, 08/24/2021.

    Когда будет ближайшая скидка? Как будет новость, можете кто-нибудь ответить?) Жду...

    1. User Sheckler
      Sheckler, 08/24/2021.
       Applook team
      Достаточно нажать на кнопку "узнать о скидке" и тем самым добавить к себе в подписки, как только будет скидка — придёт соответствующее уведомление на почту) А вообще на основе прогноза — следующую максимальную скидку стоит ожидать приблизительно через 3 мес., но возможно она будет и раньше
  5. User Waenka8play
    Waenka8play, 12/13/2020.

    Надеюсь когда куплю она у меня потянет)

  6. User boodmi
    boodmi, 11/11/2020.

    Не показывает скидку

    1. User Sheckler
      Sheckler, 11/11/2020.
       Applook team
      В ближайшее время обновится

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