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Taskheat brings a sense of flow to your to-do lists. Break down your projects into small tasks and define their dependencies. You can progress toward your goals by focusing on the steps under your control in a resulting flowchart. Its a powerful and handy task management app to burn through your tangles of to-dos and projects. Use Taskheat to: • Track the relations between your to-dos. Think of your to-dos as a link in a chain. Its a building block that forms a flow of small or achievable duties. Each task can have multiple dependencies or can enable or block others. • Get things done when youre there. The list of your actual tasks may update depending on your location. Suppose you can perform a specific task in a particular place. In that case, it will appear in your actual list only if you are in that spot. • Track tasks delegated to third parties. Suppose theres a responsibility currently out of your control or in the hands of another person. In that case, Taskheat will not include those duties in the list of actual tasks. • Assign due dates and receive notifications. Taskheat will notify you when any of your tasks are due soon, so youll never forget to get things done on time. • Manage regular duties. There are many examples of repeating tasks that you need to perform regularly. Define the recurrence rule to reflect that in your agenda. • Color code and tag your tasks. Assign meaningful colors to make it easier to scan your workflow for a specific group of duties visually or filter them by tags. • See your actual tasks in a handy widget. The minimalistic widget allows you to see your plan at a glance without opening the app. • Stay productive wherever you go. Taskheat uses iCloud to synchronize your projects between your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. You can pick up the latest version of your task flow on any device. You can download and try Taskheat for free for two weeks. After that, you can either purchase a full version or access your data in a read-only mode. It is a single purchase for all devices and NOT a subscription. Our team continuously improves Taskheat to make it even better. Feel free to reach us at support@eyen. fr and on Twitter (@taskheat). Share your feedback or ask any questions. We are always happy to assist you. Stay tuned and good luck reaching your accomplishments!



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