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Surge is a web development and proxy utility. It is designed for developers and therefore requires professional knowledge to use. These four capabilities form the core workflow of Surge: · Takeover: You can take over the network connection sent by the device. Surge supports both proxy service and virtual NIC takeover. · Processing: You can modify the network requests and responses that have been taken over. This includes URL redirection, local file mapping, custom modification using jаvascript, and many other methods. · Forwarding: You can forward the taken over network requests to other proxy servers. This can be global forwarding or with a flexible rule system to determine an outbound policy. · Intercept: You can intercept and save specific data of network requests and responses, and you can also decrypt HTTPS traffic with MITM. Highlighted Features · Takeover all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to an HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5/SOCKS5-TLS/SSH proxy server following highly configurable rules. · Used as a WireGuard Client to convert the L3 VPN as a proxy. · Record and display HTTP requests and responses sent from your iOS devices, including body and header. · Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and GeoIP lookup. · Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, and proxy connections. · High performance and suitable for intensive use. · Block ads by domain rules. · Local DNS Map (equivalent to /etc/hosts). You can use this function to switch the production/development environment for your app without changing any code. · All features work on the cellular network. · Decrypt HTTPS traffic with Man-in-the-Middle. · Perform URL rewrite. · Fully IPv6 supports. · Header rewrite. · Raw L3 packets capture. · Safari extension to add rules. · JSON, text, image and video viewer for the captured body. · Album mode for the request list. · Pre-filter for capturing. · HTTPS proxy protocol supports client-side SSL/TLS certificate validation. · Scripting: Use jаvascript to extend the ability of Surge as your wish. · Sync profiles cross devices with iCloud Drive or Dropbox. · DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-HTTP3, DNS-over-QUIC, TLS 1. 3 and more advanced features. You may read the online manual for more information: http://manual. nssurge. com/ Terms and Conditions: https://nssurge. com/legal/terms Privacy Policy: https://nssurge. com/legal/privacy



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